B.A.S.I.C. 108 provides lessons in a variety of settings.  We offer semi-private lessons and small group lessons.  Lessons are available for purchase individually; or for our members, in packages with additional savings.


B.A.S.I.C. 108’s techniques allow each player to hit for more power and consistency, gain more adjustability to off speed pitches, and maximize their potential through analysis and instruction on:

  • Exit Ball Velocity
  • Distance of Hit
  • Launch Angle/Elevation
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Spray Charts
  • Hard Hit Average
  • BA, SLG, and OPS

Pitching Lessons

B.A.S.I.C. 108’s techniques allow pitchers to improve their foundation of the throwing motion to reduce the risk of injury while maximizing their potential through:

  • Pitch Velocity Analysis
  • Pitch Location Analysis
  • Late Break Measurements
  • Spray Chart Analysis
  • Batting Average Against
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Analysis by Pitch Type

Catcher’s Lessons

B.A.S.I.C. 108’s techniques allow catchers to maximize their talent behind the plate to become an invaluable defensive asset by focusing on:

  • Blocking
  • Receiving
  • Throwing
  • Pop Up Times
  • Footwork and Strength
  • Mental Focus

Fielding Lessons

B.A.S.I.C. 108’s fielding lessons focus on consistency with practice of proper mechanics and fundamentals unique to each position on the field, including:

Corners (1st and 3rd base)

Middle Infield (Short Stop and 2nd Base)

Outfielders (Right Field, Center Field and Left Field)

This format gives athletes the training they need to perform at a higher level through:

  • Fundamental skill work
  • Mechanics instruction
  • Proper Positioning
  • Footwork
  • Position specific play executions

Sports Performance Conditioning

B.A.S.I.C. 108 has partnered with Ryan Richardson of ESP sports to offer sports performance conditioning sessions that stress movements and strength training that target specific baseball and softball needs, including:

  • Core Power
  • Functional Strength
  • Speed and Agility
  • Athletic Coordination
  • Joint Integrity and Mobility

HitTrax Technology

B.A.S.I.C. 108 offers an evaluation for athletes that utilizes baseball data capture and a simulation system that provides a powerful combination of performance and analytic data to determine individual strengths and weaknesses.  HitTrax evaluations are available for individual sessions.


  • HitTrax provides never before captured metrics and statistics for hitters and pitchers in real-time
  • Exit Ball Velocity, % LD, Strike Zone Analysis, Late Break of Pitch, etc.
  • Instructors receive quantitative data that identifies strengths and weaknesses immediately following completion of the session and should be used to reinforce instruction
  • Periodic reviews can be held with the player to review results from an individual session or trending reports that outline performance over time. All training statistics are stored in a secure cloud for remote access with the HitTrax StatsCenter App.
  • The Baseline Assessment Report* is an efficient and comprehensive way to assess the current performance level of players
  • The Video Capture & Analysis Module (VCAM)** enables full ‘cause and effect’ swing analysis – a true game changer for training.
  • Data collected during instructional sessions, baseline assessments and video analysis will be used to calculate player rankings amongst our national database and, for those that qualify, placement on our HitTrax StatsCenter leaderboard.


With the HitTrax VCAM add-on, each hit recorded by the system will automatically combine the corresponding metrics with a 2 second video clip of the swing.

Features Include:

  • Frame-by-frame playback
  • Analysis by specific sections of strike zone
  • Illustration tools
  • Side by side video comparison
  • Ability bookmark swings for easy reference
  • Compare swings to bookmarked swings from past sessions of any player
  • Embed voice memos and instruction notes

South Texas Sliders

The South Texas Sliders Program will consist of 2 one-hour training sessions plus a bonus strength training session administered with the following goals:

8U TO 11U

  • Provide fundamentals of baseball
  • Understanding the team concept
  • Making it fun

12U TO 15U

  • Improve individual skills
  • Work on understanding the “Team” aspect of baseball
  • Play against competition levels that raise the level of your game
  • Build positive relationships with Sliders staff, teammates, and parents

16U TO 18U

  • Provide a forum in which players can gain exposure to collegiate and professional scouts and promote our players’ abilities to play at those levels. the recruiting process.
  • Play against competition levels that raise the level of the game
  • Build positive relationships with Sliders staff, teammates, and parents